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Deck Protection in Southampton, Hampshire

Covercraft in Southampton, Hampshire, manufactures upper deck covers for all types of naval ships, from aircraft carriers to small patrol vessels. The covers are always made in Grey MOD quality FR 610 gram PVC polyester. The covers help to protect upper deck cranes, winches, compass, searchlights, and all upper deck equipment that needs to be protected from the elements. Ceremonial awnings for flight decks, foredecks, and hangers on all types of naval ships, either in plain canvas or ceremonial striped canvas for special onboard events.

The canvas we use is fire retardant, plus, is lighter than traditional canvas, making it easier to handle whilst still retaining the strength element. 

Our liferaft retaining straps are manufactured in Grey or Black 45mm polyester webbing with stainless steel buckles and slides, for adjustment,

Float-free and protective netting is grey/black 45mm polyester webbing, sewn into a 10 to 15cm mesh squares. The float-free nets usually hang in front of life rafts to stop them from moving in rough seas, then are released and free float if the life rafts need to be used. Protective netting will usually lash over openings, mainly to stop people falling into the sea and to stop anyone from entering the ship.

We have also manufactured various upper deck canvas covers and awnings, below deck covers and dividing screens on the HMS Victory, based at Portsmouth Naval Base.

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