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Covercraft is the leading boat furnishings and marine upholstery company in Southampton. We have been creating bespoke boat furniture and interior design services for over 30 years. Our dedicated and experienced team is well versed at working with everything from military boats to luxury yachts, as well as small aircrafts, too. We're happy to say our team can provide full interior renovations, as well as repairs and cleaning services.

Marine Furnishings in Southampton, Hampshire

Experts in boat upholstery, working from our base in Southampton, we have been providing marine furnishings and canvas work for all types of boats, including military, industrial and even aviation services. 

Experienced in producing great products for yachts, motorboats, and RIB’s. We hold an extensive library of standard templates and drawings for all well-known marine crafts, with the popular items being stored on our highly accurate digital cutting machine, ensuring that Covercraft covers remain at the high standard our customers have come to expect.

We are also able to create bespoke covers tailored to your personal design and with our expertise, we can provide solutions to ensure your craft stays in top shape. We also supply  internal upholstery in modern fabrics, with comfortable fire-retardant foam, cut to shape, and designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and look to complement your craft. So

transform your boat into a luxurious floating paradise with our collection of beautiful furniture.

Our cockpit cushions are designed for comfort up on deck. These can be supplied in marine vinyl or acrylic seating fabric. They can be filled with close cell or reticulated foam - both these foams do not hold water, so remain dry even if left up on deck or in the cockpit area.

Manufacture and refurbishment of RIB seats has become a big part of our business. We are able to refurbish boat seats replacing old fixtures with closed cell foam, which does not soak up water and is still provides firm and comfortable seating. We also supply new or replacement treated marine ply bases and backs. More modern seat bases and backs are supplied using UPVC board, which is strong and can be stapled or glued to. It also has a big advantage over marine ply as it does not rot. 

We have a large range of fabrics, vinyl’s and foams to view at our upholstery workshop in Southampton, with supply tested webbing jackstays/lifelines for all types of marine crafts, complete with all the necessary certificates.



  • Spray Hoods

  • Dodgers

  • Canopy Enclosures

  • Bimini

  • Rib Covers

  • Rib Upholstery

  • Halyard Bags

  • Lee Cloths

  • Stackpack Sail Covers

  • Webbing Jackstay/Lifelines

  • Sun Awnings

  • Boom Tents

  • Cockpit Covers

  • Wheel and Pedestal Covers

  • Internal Upholstery

  • Cockpit Upholstery

  • Overall WInter Storage Covers


- Acrylic Canvas


- Interior and Exterior Furniture Fabric (Sunbrella)

Sunbrella Marine

- Sunbrella Plus

If you are still unsure, please take a first-hand look at the gallery page to view our extensive range of beautiful boat upholstery, from gorgeous patterns and colours to innovative designs.


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